Recycle The Music

Let’s Recycle the Music

Save them / Make them Better

At Event Server Inc. (ESI), we salvage Beautiful Old Pianos before they become landfill. We retrofit them with digital piano keyboards and highly efficient  t-class amplifiers.  Then we custom design and install speaker inclosures using the existing piano soundboard to create a one of the kind, state of the art instrument with the look and feel of yesterday, and the sound and functionality of today.


When you play an acoustic piano, the sound comes from  the entire instrument, not just the strings.  The art of strategically attaching the harp and strings to a perfectly shaped soundboard is what gives the piano its uniquely beautiful tones.  It also lets the artist feel the music by connecting them to their music not only through their ears, but also through their touch of the keys.  In other words, playing an acoustic pianos is a whole body experience,


We found that by keeping the piano’s soundboard intact, and incorporating it into the speaker enclosure, we are able to re-create the sound and feel of a true acoustic piano.  When a musician puts fingers to the keys of one of our pianos, they “feel” the music coming through the instrument.

With proper speaker choice and placement, along with the mating of the correct amplification, we can recreate the sound and feel of a full size concert grand piano in the cabinet of a five foot baby, or even an upright.