Dave “DP” Russell

Dave Russell is the founder and President of Event Server Inc.  (ESI)  He is an inventor, musician and two time Emmy Award winning audio/video engineer, who among other things designed built and installed the NFL Networks TeamCams for all thirty-two teams.  

In the 70s, while he was an electronics student at Johnstown Vo-Tech high school (Go Spartans), he started designing custom speaker enclosures for bands, and the cars of student and faculty. Once while installing a stereo in the Principal’s car, he wired the unit to the brake light switch so it would only come on when the he pressed the brake.  He received two weeks detention for that (it was worth it).


Not particularly liking most factory-made electric guitars he played, he built his own from scratch.  In the process of making a guitar, he researched how stringed instruments worked. He learned a lot about resonance and the interaction of vibrating strings with the instrument that they are attached to. While designing his piano, he used this knowledge to make speakers interact with a piano’s soundboard just like the strings that they replace.

As President of ESI, Dave always looks to make things that are good, better.  His attention to detail and his penchant for perfectionism are what drives him to deliver only the very best to ESI’s customers.

His outside of the box thinking allows him to look at most things as a problem awaiting a solution.  Maybe this mentality is the reason that ESI is in it’s 20th year providing ESPN with total team coverage via videoconferencing for their live production of the NFL Draft.